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From the heart of Europe

We believe it doesn't matter where you come from or where the tree is planted. Every single new tree in the world benefits us all. The official national forests in this region of Europe take exceptional care of the trees so that they will be useful for many generations to come.

No matter where in the world, the recipient of this very sustainable gift will certainly be very happy and have a big smile on his face.

Why choose Planet Tree?

230.000 trees

Almost a quarter of a million trees have been planted since 2020.

Customer satisfaction

More than 2.000 reviews in Google, Trustpilot and Facebook.

Official partner

Planet Tree is an official partner of German State and Community forests.

Our partners

We are planting with official state and municipal forests in the European regions of Bavaria, Hesse, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Rhineland-Palatinate. You have the choice where your tree is planted.

State forest of Hesse

Hanau, Germany

In the southern part of Hesse, between Vogelsberg and Spessart, the forestry office looks after about 14,000 hectares of forest according to ecological and sustainable principles.

Main tree: Oak

Trees planted: 100.000

Bavaria, Municipal Forest

Alzenau, Germany

The city of Alzenau, located in northwestern Bavaria, is one of the largest municipal forest owners with a forest area of around 2,700 hectares. Almost 50% of the total area of Alzenau is covered with forest.

Main tree: Maple

Trees planted: 32.000

State forest of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Schlemmin, Germany

Located in the northwest of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, between the cities Rostock and Schwerin, the forestry office manages approximately 8,500ha of forest in one of the oldest nature reserves in the state.

Main tree: Maple

Trees planted: 90.000

Rhineland-Palatinate, Municipal forest

Stadtkyll, Eifel, Germany

The Stadtkyll forest district within the Gerolstein municipal association comprises the forests of the villages of Ormont, Kerschenbach, Scheid, Reuth and Stadtkyll in the western Volcanic Eifel near the border with North Rhine-Westphalia. Drought and bark beetles have made it necessary to help with reforestation and forest conversion toward climate-stable mixed forests.

Main tree: Oak

Trees planted: 500

The Planet Tree family

We are a family consisting of a mom and dad of two happy children and a helping mother-in-law, all of whom have always been very close to nature.

During our regular walks in the forest, we noticed the often desolate condition of our forest in our home town of Hanau and thought about how we could help - because help is urgently needed!

This led to a cooperation with the local forestry office in Hanau as well as in Schlemmin in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, where we also have connections and where help is also needed.

After everything was officially arranged, we started planting trees. In the meantime, there are other forests where we also plant.

Recent projects

Creation of new forest on former farmland

Location: State forest of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (Germany)

Type: Maple, beech, chestnut

Period: Winter/Spring 2023

Repair of damage caused by bark beetle

Location: State forest of Hesse (Germany)

Type: Oak

Period: Autumn/Winter 2022/2023

Reforestation after storm

Location: Municipal forest, Bavaria (Germany)

Type: Oak

Period: Winter 2022/2023

The importance of forests

Everyone knows it who has traveled through Europe in one of the last hot summers and discovered ugly brown spots in nature. Even forests that appear healthy at first often present a sad picture as soon as you take a walk and look up into the treetops to see the thinning of the crowns. In addition to drought, storms and the bark beetle are responsible for the poor development of European forests.

We want to tell about the magic of the forest, its diversity, its beauty and its benefits, because each and every one of us associates wonderful memories and emotions with forests.

CO2 storage

Trees are climate protectors. They absorb CO² from the air through photosynthesis. Wood consists of about half carbon. The older a tree gets, the more carbon it stores. If it is felled and made into furniture, it should be of high quality and be very old - this keeps the carbon in its original place. If wood is turned into paper, ends up in the oven or as cheap furniture in the waste incineration plant, the carbon escapes as CO² back into the atmosphere.


Forests are existential. They provide us with such basics as oxygen, water and recreation. And in times of dwindling biodiversity, they are important for the protection of habitats and provide a home for countless animals. 500 species of beetles and 179 species of butterflies, as well as countless other insects, dwell and feed on and in oaks alone. And in addition to the living trees, the felled and fallen ones also count, provided they are left to the forest and remain on site. For among the forest dwellers, those that need deadwood are especially endangered. And those that like it undisturbed and like to make themselves comfortable under the lying trunks.

Air purification

Trees produce oxygen and remove CO² from the air - but also dust, soot and bacteria. How much a forest manages to do depends on the tree species, because the filtering function corresponds to the leaf surface. An eighty-year-old beech tree, for example, has around 800,000 leaves, which together cover a surface area of 1600 square meters. It's no wonder that good forest air contains only about 500 dust particles, while in urban areas it can be as high as 500,000.

Water storage

The forest floor functions like a sponge: it absorbs rain as well as floodwater - up to 200 liters per square meter - and uses it to feed streams and rivers during drought. Some of the moisture evaporates, and the amount varies depending on the tree population: in the beech forest it is only 18 percent, in spruce 34 percent. The remaining water is absorbed by roots or seeps through the soil into the groundwater. In the process, it is filtered and enriched with oxygen - and makes excellent drinking water.


Forests are a mixture of sprinkler system and ventilator. Thanks to shade and evaporation, there is higher humidity between the tree trunks - on hot days, for example, a birch tree evaporates up to a hundred liters of water. As a result, it is up to 8 degrees cooler in the forest than in the city. This benefits not only animals, but also people in times of global warming. Because of the temperature difference, large forests on the outskirts of our big cities cause a constant movement of air. Even street trees improve the climate in our cities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I receive with the purchase of a certificate?

With the purchase of a gift certificate, you donate a tree in the selected European forest. This tree will be planted as a seedling and carefully raised by the forestry office so that it is protected from animals during the initial period.

Where will my donated tree be planted?

The tree will be planted within the state forest of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in the area of the forestry office Schlemmin in the Rostock district, within the Hesse forest in the area of the forestry office Hanau-Wolfgang in the Main-Kinzig district, in the city forest Alzenau/Bavaria as well as in the Eifel in Rhineland-Palatinate. With your order you have the choice of the forest. Planet Tree supports reforestation in our native forests exclusively on land owned by federal, state and local governments. Here we have the certainty that these areas remain permanently forest and this even if it has come to failure due to storm, bark beetle or drought.

When will the trees be planted?

Planting of new seedlings takes place twice a year: In spring and in autumn, as this is the planting season in the forests and the seedlings have enough moisture in the soil. The number of trees is collected and then sent to the respective forest office. So if you donate or give a tree from January to June, it will be planted the following fall. Similarly, if you donate or give a tree from July to December, it will be planted the following spring.

Can I visit my tree?

On each certificate you will find the coordinates of the planting area, where you can pay a visit. You can then be certain that one of the trees was planted for you or the recipient.

How can I be sure my tree will be planted?

Our cooperation with the state and municipal forests is based on contracts and we are allowed to use their logos and names. We guarantee that every donation will be forwarded. The forests are authorized to see our accounts, an auditor regularly compares the number of donations received with the number of donations forwarded to the forests.

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Gift certificate

  • Includes planting of one tree in official European forests
  • Live personalization
  • Instant download
  • Multiple colors
  • Sustainable

10,00 Euro